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Stillness Daily

Audio Guided Meditation

Start the day off with a calm mind and an open heart with free live guided mindfulness meditations from 6:00-6:30AM MT, on weekdays. Tune in via live online streaming from the Stillness Daily homepage. (more...)

edited photo based on original flickr photo by Greg Younger

Join us, Wednesday, July 23, 6:00-7:30 PT (7 MT, 8 CT, 9 ET). Click here for details. If you have ever had a loved one fall ill or become disabled in some way, you (more...)


One of the greatest benefits of mindfulness meditation is how it helps us gain control over our stressful thoughts. But, contrary to what we might think, the point is not to make these stressful (more...)


Tuning into the Details

Tuning into the details is a technique that we can apply anytime to enhance our focus and to bring ourselves more fully into this moment. On the meditation cushion, tuning into more detail is (more...)