Matthew Frum

Acceptance is Transformation

“Acceptance is not passivity. It is a courageous step in the process of transformation.”

– Jack Kornfield

From the Buddhist perspective, acceptance is not only the first step in transformation, it is transformation.

The moment we open to something as it is, it changes. Because opening to the reality of something requires us to drop our fixed ideas and observe the immediate reality of constant change. And it is only when we open to the reality of constant change that we can become truly effective change-makers.

Mindfulness is the practice of opening to the reality of constant change. And through this practice we can learn to consciously dance and create with the changes, rather than clinging to old concepts and forcing old patterns of resistance to repeat themselves, over and over, in the name of change.

Can you think of a few things that you are willing to accept, and thereby transform, about your life right now, in this moment?

For at least a few breaths, how does it feel to drop any preconceived ideas and to open to these aspects of your life, just as they are, right now?


Practice acceptance with this 5-minute Non-Judgment Meditation:



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