Matthew Frum

Calm Care 8 Week Course

“A Caregiver’s Guide to Stressing Less & Caring More”

  • An in-depth guided journey into the clinically proven practices of mindfulness & self-compassion
  • Course format: 1-hour pre-recorded class per week (MP3 audio format, listen anytime)
  • Course includes weekly 10-minute audio guided meditation recordings for daily practice
  • Email support for any questions that arise
  • Optional weekly LIVE conference calls for discussion, guided meditation and Q&A
  • For family or professional caregivers (as well as parents, teachers, therapists…)
  • Time commitment: 1 hour of audio class per week, 10-20 minutes of meditation per day
  • Register and start meditating minutes from now!
  • Investment:  $199.00

As family or professional caregivers, we all know how extremely stressful and overwhelming our task can be at times. But deep down, don’t we also know that it doesn’t need to be this way?

As caregivers, we have the opportunity to experience how caring for others can also be one of the most, joyful, meaningful and rewarding experiences in life. The lessons that we learn, the bonds that we form, and the love that we share can be profound and life-changing.

So how can we increase the rewarding side — the love, connection and personal growth — and reduce the stress, depression and fatigue? Again and again, clinical studies find that a couple of simple inner skills can really help: mindfulness and self-compassion.

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