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How to Meditate: 6 Weeks to Greater Clarity, Contentment & Connection

Learning to meditate changed my life. Will you let it change yours? This 6-week course, taught via live weekly conference calls, will be offered again starting Monday, May 12.

NEW OPTION: If the Monday night class schedule doesn’t work for you, you can now register to do a self-guided version, going through the class recordings, workbook and guided meditation practices at your own pace. And it’s half the price. Read below for details.

How to Meditate: 6 Weeks to Greater Clarity, Contentment & Connection

  • Taught by Matthew Frum, via live conference calls with instruction, guided meditation and Q&A
  • Six Mondays: May 12 – June 16, 2014, 6-7:30PM (MST)
  • For beginner and intermediate meditators
  • Time commitment: 15-30 minutes per day
  • Investment: $250, registration details at the bottom of this page. If you really want to do this class and money is the only thing holding you back, please contact me so we can find a way to make it work.
  • Self-guided option: $125, no live class, listen to recordings of the classes and work through the practices at your own pace. Receive email support for any questions that arise. See registration details at the bottom of this page.

High anxiety and short attention-span are two of the most common and problematic symptoms of our time. In our hectic, hyper-stimulated world, it seems there is always something pulling us away from the moment.

If you struggle with a stressed-out and distracted mind you know the costs can be high: forgotten appointments, poor focus at work, high blood pressure, loss of sleep, disconnected relationships, low energy, depression or simply the inability to relax and enjoy life – the list goes on and on.

Fortunately, the ancient inner art of meditation is now widely recognized and clinically proven to be one of the most natural and effective ways to rebalance the body, calm the mind, and heal painful emotions. Wide-ranging studies have found that meditators experience less stress and greater health, happiness, and willpower.

In this course you will learn:

  • the essentials of effective meditation
  • the common signs and pitfalls of ineffective meditation
  • how to transform distractions into support for meditation
  • how to establish an enjoyable and sustainable daily practice
  • how to develop the willpower and motivation to stick with it
  • the one simple key to working with any painful emotion
  • how to quickly shift into greater connection and wholeness
  • unique ways to bring mindfulness into any activity of daily life

The registration fee includes:

  • 6 weekly 90-minute conference calls with instructions, guided meditations, and time for Q&A (these calls are audio only, not video, so you can listen in comfort wherever is most convenient)
  • 40-page How to Meditate guide and workbook
  • 3 guided meditation audio recordings for daily practice
  • downloadable recordings of each conference call (so you can easily catch up if you have to miss a class)
  • Personal guidance during the live classes and email support for practice-oriented questions that arise

The course will be taught by me, Matthew Frum, and it will based on essential instructions that I learned from meditation masters around the globe, as well as tips gleaned from my experience as a Buddhist monk living in long-term solitary meditation retreat.

The curriculum will cover these topics:

  • Week 1:  Opening to the Moment
  • Week 2:  Creating New Habits
  • Week 3:  Transforming Obstacles
  • Week 4:  Finding Emotional Freedom
  • Week 5:  Awakening to Wholeness
  • Week 6:  Living a Mindful Life


“From the beginning of  the first class  to the last class ‘goodbye,’ you made the experience enjoyable with your calmness and caring. You demystified what meditation is and is not, and you provided such a treasure of tools to make meditation possible, and a positive experience. Since that first evening class, I have meditated every day — my treasured part of each day. This is interesting because pre-meditation days, I had never particularly valued any one part of the day. I notice that if I don’t start my day with meditation, my mind is crazy and anxious with ‘Where to start on the 50 most important things to do that day.’ If I meditate first, the day (most always) just seems to flow better, without the anxiety. I can’t explain it; but I am enjoying it!”  — M.L.

“I felt privileged to be able to participate in this wonderful class. The experience provided just the right amount of group interaction, and independent course work (meditation and readings). I would enthusiastically do this course again sometime to brush up on some very useful meditation techniques. Matthew inspired me to keep meditating, even after the course had concluded.” — J.M.

“I very much enjoyed your class and am still doing the meditations.  My belief had been there was only one way to meditate and after the class realized many of our daily activities can be meditating by being mindful. It brings about more inner peace. I will be looking forward to another class with you in the future.” — T.S.

Will you join us?

Personally, my life changed dramatically for the better when I started meditating. Within months I felt happier, more relaxed, more connected, and more purposeful. In the years since, meditation has become the single most enjoyable and transformational skill I have ever learned.

Will you join us on this mind-expanding, heart-opening, life-enriching path of meditation?

Do you have questions? Please contact me anytime:

Ready to reserve your spot? Click on the version that you prefer to register via Paypal:


(The self-guided version includes everything that is in the live version, except access to the live classes. You will receive recordings of the classes and all other course materials, as well as email support for any questions that arise.)

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