Mindful Insight Journey Special Offer

For those of you who have previously subscribed to my free 30-Day Adventures in Mindfulness email series, I have a special offer.

Because the first 30 days of the Mindful Insight Journey are based on the same material as the 30-Day Adventures in Mindfulness series, I want to give you the opportunity to skip the first month, so that the course does not feel overly repetitive.

Or, if you wish to repeat the material, which may serve as a helpful refresher of the essential mindfulness techniques that we will be exploring in this course, I would like to offer you the first month of the Mindful Insight Journey for free.

To register for the Mindful Insight Journey, please choose one of the links below:

(links will be posted shortly – please check back soon!)


NOTE: this offer is only available to people who are already listed in my database as subscribers to the 30-Day Adventures in Mindfulness Series.