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NEW Daily Meditation Program

Announcing the Mindful Insight Journey!

Have you ever wondered how your state of mind might change if you had a daily meditation practice that you loved and cultivated over time?

Or have you ever felt stuck or bored in your meditation practice, and wondered how to take it to the next level?

Have you ever wondered what it would take to finally shift out of old patterns and into a more embodied state of mindfulness and emotional freedom?

If so, this unique, 6-month meditation journey into the insights at the heart of mindfulness may be a fit for you.

About the Course:

The Mindful Insight Journey is a labor of love that I first taught to 160 teachers, healers, therapists, and change-agents around the globe who were participants in The Optimist Magazine’s 2015 Transformational Studies Program.

The response to the course by new and long-term meditators was very positive, with many saying it made meditation easier and more impactful than they had imagined or experienced before. Here is what one of the participants said:

“I thank you for this year – your course was most valuable to me. Daily, it was in my email; through it I got to know you. Your mini-talks were inspiring and informative, sometimes giving me something new and sometimes bringing home to me what I already knew but had forgotten. I have formed the habit of sitting most mornings before breakfast – and when I can’t, I miss it. So, thank you.”

– Elizabeth Davis

How the Course Works:

If you decide to join me, bright and early every morning, you will receive an email containing a brief inspirational or instructional text along with a link to a daily audio guided meditation.

The meditation audio can be downloaded or streamed on any device, and many people have said that, in addition to listening on their meditation cushion, they have found themselves streaming the audio on their smartphone first thing in the morning before getting out bed, during their commute to or from work, or at night before falling asleep.

What Does it Cost?

It took an enormous amount of time, effort and focus to create this course, but it was also a fun creative adventure.

All along, my vision has been for this course to be accessible to as many people as possible, while covering my costs, and supporting me in the maintenance and development of this and future courses.

So now that I have completed the trial run, it feels so good to be able to offer this to a wider audience for an amount that hopefully anyone can afford: $20/month (see registration details below).

The Curriculum:

There are many different types of meditation, but the one that we will be focusing on in this course is known as mindfulness.

Mindfulness is one of the most essential types of meditation, easy to learn, and easy to integrate with an active modern lifestyle. It is also one of the most extensively researched forms of meditation, and the significant physical and mental health benefits are widely documented.

Mindfulness originated within the Buddhist tradition, but no religious or spiritual beliefs are required in order to practice it. At the same time, many people find that mindfulness supports and enhances their existing practice of spirituality, prayer or meditation.

But this is not just another basic mindfulness course that you can forget about after a few weeks! 

This course is designed to change your approach to meditation, your mind, and your life.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, the Mindful Insight Journey will help you establish an enjoyable, sustainable, and truly transformational daily practice, by guiding you through the Four Pillars of Meditation:

  1. Knowledge: how to meditate in a simple, effective and effortless way
  2. Motivation: how to naturally fuel your practice with a deep sense of passion and purpose
  3. Habituation: how to establish the habit of mindfulness on and off the meditation cushion
  4. Insight: how to open to the transformational states of awareness and love and mindfully embody these more and more.

Through this step-by-step process, we will lay a solid foundation for your daily practice. Then, through systematic pointers, cherished nuggets of advice from my teachers, and anecdotes from my years as a Buddhist monk living in solitary retreat, this course will help you to:

  • make meditation less of a struggle through the “effortless approach”
  • discover how to use thoughts and distractions as support for meditation
  • avoid dangerous misconceptions and common obstacles to meditation practice
  • ignite the purpose, passion and joy to stick with your practice for life
  • learn unique tips and tricks for bringing mindfulness into busy daily activities
  • feel heartfelt compassion for yourself, others and the world without getting depressed or burned out
  • transform your relationship with yourself and others through the Five Qualities of Love
  • recognize, sit with, and heal life-long patterns and blockages
  • befriend difficult emotions and use them as fuel for greater clarity and insight
  • shift into greater peace and kindness, anywhere, anytime
  • open to your true nature and the freedom of “awareness of awareness.”

All of this will be served to you in bite-sized daily portions that are quick and easy digest.

Through mindfulness reminders, tips, instructions, stories and experiential exercises, I will be your daily meditation guide, helping you check-in with the moment, calm your mind, see through your fears, and live more fully and confidently in the natural flow of awareness and love.

For $20 a month, this course will help you give yourself the priceless gift of a sustainable and flourishing long-term daily meditation practice that you love so much you hate to miss it.

Who This Course is For:

  1. People who are new to meditation and who want to start a simple and enjoyable daily practice
  2. People who have learned to meditate, but who have trouble sticking with it over time
  3. People who crave a quick and reliable daily dose of meditation inspiration to start the day
  4. People who have meditated for a long time but who feel bored or stuck and who want to enliven their practice with new perspectives and techniques
  5. People who want to deepen and empower their meditation by learning to integrate mindfulness with insight into the nature of awareness and love

What is Included:

  • Daily email with brief inspirational and instructional text
  • Daily audio guided meditations

Time Requirements:

  • Daily emails will require approximately 5 minutes to read.
  • Daily guided meditations will start at 5-minutes and gradually progress to 20-minutes.
  • If you are short on time, you can listen to part of any meditation and stop wherever necessary.
  • All of the content in this course is optional, and you will not be tested or graded.


The course fee is a onetime payment of $100, or 6 payments of $20 per month.

Will you let me help you make this the year when your meditation practice finally took hold and gradually, joyfully, renewed and empowered your life?


Click here to register with 1 payment of $100

Click here to register with 6 monthly payments of $20

What Participants Are Saying:

This course was initially taught to 160 people around the world who participated in the Optimist Magazine’s year-long Transformational Studies Program. Here is what participants have said:

“I have found the practice of mindfulness meditation that Matthew teaches to be an invaluable tool for staying centered in a rapidly changing world. Meditation focuses me on the reality that the present is the only place that the world can be formed, a little at a time. Afterwards, I am calmer, happier. I highly recommend Matthew’s course.”

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having had the opportunity to follow your meditations  during the last year. I have put them in a special box so I can listen to them whenever I want to. Also all the inspiring texts they are accompanied by are a treasure for life. Thank you for being part of my/our world and sharing your gift!”

“Thank you so much! As often, your text is very accurate to what is happening in my life. I’ve used your texts like little moments of meditation. I thank you deeply for your wise words and practices this year.”

“I just wanted to email to thank you for sharing your teachings. I am fairly new to meditation and have found your daily emails and blog really inspiring and beneficial, not only in my personal life but in my work (I work with family members of people with mental health issues). So, I simply wanted to express my gratitude to you.”

“I wanted to let you know that your meditations have been helping me to find my sanity over the past 6 months as I work with several seriously ill family members.  Lately, I’ve relaxed into them and find myself pulling mindfulness into what had become a numbing sameness of my days. And last week, I actually found myself recognizing the difference when I missed a morning meditation.”

“Focusing on how my body feels through these meditations has changed the relationship I have with my body. I am so much more appreciative and accepting of the body I am using for this time. I appreciate you.”

“I am finding all of your meditations, quotes and personal commentary wonderful! Please know you are very much appreciated!!! I am looking forward to our next session with you.”

“Thank you so much for sharing all the insights and meditations in the past year. So valuable! Already I miss your daily meditation, but I continue on my own, in my own way, enriched by your way.”

“I truly can say that your writing touches me deeply and I can easily follow your mindful meditations. I’m so happy that now I’m online every day I am able to read your emails with such pleasure and gratitude. Many times your writing is about exactly what is on my mind that moment or day. Is that synchronicity? I love the quotes and messages and I hope you will bundle these as soon as the year has passed. How you talk about yourself and your happiness and troubles is with such compassion for yourself and your loved ones and thus for all of us. Thank you deeply.”

“Thank you so much for your teachings. l love them and learn from them everyday. I am 73 years young, and my English is not very well, but I understand and feel the messages in my heart. Thank you.”

“Matthew, I have to say I think the daily meditations are wonderful. They really are. They hit all the bases. A great value.”

Will you join us for this year of Mindful Insight?


Click here to register with 1 payment of $100

Click here to register with 6 monthly payments of $20

If you have previously subscribed to my 30-Day Adventures in Mindfulness email series, click here for a special offer.




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