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What subscribers are saying:

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and look forward to your emails, writings and meditations. Every night as I get into bed, I listen to your audio meditation. It has calmed me and my anxieties tremendously by decompressing the day and easing into sleep. Thank you.” — L.G.

“All your notes and postings are simply wonderful.  Just reading them shifts my state.  Much appreciation.” — S.M.

“I am much more optimistic about meditation than I have ever been just from listening to you – I know you have learned from the very best and been totally immersed in the meditation process, and this gives me great hope that what you are teaching is possible to attain. Thanks again so much!” — M.T.

“I have been meditating daily with the help of Stillness Daily for the past several weeks. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service in such a practical format. Meditating daily is truly transformative for me. It helps me to start my day with a peaceful heart and a clear head, and I meditate again after work to decompress and prepare for the evening. I am a Child and Family therapist, and I find myself sharing ideas from your meditations with parents and children. So, thank you, Matthew, for teaching me and others mindfulness. I feel very blessed!” –P.C.

“I’ve always enjoyed your daily meditations and have passed your site along to many people. The meditations about non judgment have been extremely helpful to me. Just wanted you to know that what you do really helps many. Sometimes this internet world gives us experience we would not have found and that is wonderful. But it can also distance us from the reactions of others in real time – their joy, their peace, their faces. So just to let you know, I’m calmly smiling and grateful for what you do!” — P.S.

“I just wanted let you know how much I value and appreciate your guided meditations.  I am new to it, and have found your guidance so helpful (especially when you remind us not to judge or feel bad about our minds’ wanderings).  Thank you for recording every morning, it is such a gift.” — C.S.

“I really appreciate your offerings. They are such helpful reminders. I notice feeling a greater sense of space when reading them. Good medicine, thank you.” — L.M.

“I felt compelled to contact you and express my overwhelming gratitude for the work you do. I discovered your website about two weeks ago as I was searching for a new way to implement a daily meditation routine. I have begun listening to the recordings that you make daily and I can say that I have successfully implemented a daily meditation routine. Having new guided meditations daily that are just a click away make it so much easier to meditate daily. In just one short week I have already noticed a difference in the positive effect this practice has had in my life. My relationships seem more calm and stable, work seems more tolerable, and I have even noticed an increase in my self confidence evident by my positive social interactions with others. Thank you so much for what you do. It means a lot to me to have this available to use. I look forward to continuing to mediation with you.” — G.T.

“I am deeply grateful for your Stillness Daily web site, emails, and meditations. In particular, I am finding the short meditations a blessing. When I awake each morning, I pick up my phone, and while I’m still in bed I read your short email and listen to the meditation. Then I transition directly into my own meditation practice. Listening to your guided meditation has a way of settling me that makes the longer practice both easier and deeper. You are offering me, and so many others, a precious gift. Thank you!” — P.P.

“I have so enjoyed Stillness Daily and have incorporated it into my mid-day or ‘stopping point’ in which I check in and make sure I am in the present moment and conscious.” — L.H.

“Thank you!  I was running around the house doing my daily house-holding work after the kids are gone before sitting down to work + read + write, when I sat down still all revved up from rushing a bit (that’s never good!) and I checked my email and there was a 5-minute meditation called “Feel Calm Now.”  I did it.  Thank you for sending me just what I needed today.  I admire your work + writing + presence.  I’m glad you are out in the world teaching + sitting.” — G.A.

“Thank you Matthew!!! Loving these potent snippets.” — C.B.

“Thirty days makes a habit, and yesterday was thirty days of meditating with you in the mornings so thank you for that. I see many benefits already and would be a fool to not keep it up! Spending time with you I believe in the possibility of world peace! Oodles of gratitude for what you are giving.” — A.R.

“I have been tuning in to your site — it is a wonderful resource! I offer presentations and workshops based on MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) training, and your site is a terrific portal for people just starting out on their meditation journeys. Thank you.” — B.S.

“I just loved this meditation. I have never felt so at peace as I did with this practice today. I am so grateful to have you and your guidance in my life right now.” — J.H.

“I want to thank you for the tremendous gift you put out there each day in the form of the guided meditations and emails. Since subscribing, I have been meditating daily. It has been such a wondrous experience for me to discover something that my whole being is so eager to do! (Don’t recall any other time in life I so willingly got up 45 minutes early with a sense of happiness!) Your morning 30-minute guided meditations have been so helpful. I read your emails several times throughout the day. Thank you again for such a wonderful, and life-changing resource!” – K.H.

“I know you don’t know me from anyone but I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for you. I receive your daily meditations. I want you to know how your messages have really started to calm me down and turn me around.  I have told many of my friends to tune into your website.” –M.D.

“I can not thank you enough for all that you have taught me. Every morning your meditations give me courage and strength. Some days are so awful again you have given me peace of mind to face this.” — M.A.

“I am really enjoying your daily emails and love the simplicity of your messages and instructions. The more I hear what you have to say in your daily emails and guided meditations, the more I am enjoying them and finding them helpful – and I already feel like I don’t want to miss any!  Thank you.” –M.J.

“I listened your to 30 minute morning meditation and found it helpful.  Your focus areas for meditation are really aligned with what is going on for me and our world. I am still working towards a daily practice and your emails have been extremely helpful — I have found a new friend and mentor! I am going through some life stuff that has gotten me off balance. Patience has always been a challenge for me. It’s good to remember I can place my awareness on my breath…that is always with me!” — P.J.

“I just want to thank you again for Stillness Daily. It is so helpful to have guided meditations for just the right amount of time that I have at various points in my day. I am experiencing the benefits emotionally, physically, and mentally. So, once again, thank you for the lovely service you provide.” — P.C.

“I just wanted to let you know that I would be totally lost if I didn’t have access to your meditations and your teachings.  I am still so happy that I found you and feel I have learned so much from you in a fairly short time.  Even though I still try to keep up with articles, etc. that I receive from other meditation websites I truly believe that your words and methods are the only tools I need to build a good meditation practice and consequently realize some of the benefits. I am very thankful.”  — M.T.

“Thank you so much for your beautiful website. I really love your guided meditations — they are simply wonderful. The first one I listened to was ‘Just Being’ and it made me cry to think for the first time that it doesn’t require effort to just be here. Many thanks for your time, and for your efforts, which are much appreciated.” — B.K.

“My heart is content and happy. You helped me live my truth and wonderful things came from that. Thank you for blessing my life.” — J.H.